Disrupting Good #1: Disruption, & the Future

Disrupting Good #1: Disruption, & the Future

With our very first episode, we introduce Disrupting Good, a podcast born out of wanting to know how doing good will change in response to the unprecedented disruptive changes that face humanity today.

This is the first of six episodes to be released, with each episode taking the very best responses from 10 fascinating guests who contributed to this project.

In Episode One:

  • What is disruption

  • Impacts to how we do good

  • Kurzweil’s Corner: what the world might look like with futurist, inventor, and author Ray Kurzweil's prediction that in the 2030's, Virtual Reality will become 100% realistic

Coming to a Podcast Player Near You - Disrupting Good

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Disrupting Good is a partnership between the Institute for Community Prosperity at Mount Royal University and Human Elements Canada. The project focuses on how doing good will change in response to the unprecedented disruptive technologies, cultural movements, and crises that face humanity. What are the questions leaders in the social profit sector are asking? More importantly, what questions are they not asking?

We plan to release a six episode series, with each standalone episode being a mini-documentary, focusing on one or two subjects per episode. Each episode will be a blended narrative of responses by our guests - not a running interview.

Our contributors are a diverse, multidisciplinary lot, coming from the following sectors:

  • Nonprofit

  • Social Enterprise

  • Education

  • Government

  • Startup

  • Civil Society

  • Other

We are working very hard to produce this project for any and all to hear, and are looking forward to launching Ep. 1 within the next couple of months. Stay tuned!