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Strategic Planning

Where is your organization going? What are the concrete steps your team is going to take in the next handful of years to achieve all of the great things envisioned? Do you know how your history is influencing your future? Our comprehensive Strategic Planning Program allows you and your crew to build a custom-made strategic plan that will be the compass for your organization.

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Our method of facilitation is committed to guiding you to learn by doing, by breaking normal business routine, and by shifting perspectives. By working with leadership before, during, and after the workshop, we ensure our partners are comfortable, on track, and have received good value.

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Our method of mediation is effective as it uses an understanding-based approach to resolving disputes (also referred to as facilitative, win-win, or interest-based mediation). Let us assist you in repairing damaged workplace relationships.

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workplace investigation

Our investigation process is a comprehensive, systematic approach to workplace investigations, producing an unbiased report of the facts with as little impact to the organization as possible. Extensive experience using a proven process results in you getting to the core of almost any matter within the workplace.

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human resources

Our philosophy is that Human Resources should be less about managing how people work, and more about encouraging the growth of resourceful humans: individuals that have a positive impact to the organization. The foundational essence of a successful organization are in its human elements.

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Why Hire Human Elements?


There's only 86,400 seconds in a day. Let us help you with your human elements, and you can save your seconds to keep customers happy and staff productive.


In & Out

Have you identified an internal gap due to lack of staffing resources, or time? Need to knock a project out of the park? Contact us and stop worrying. Consider it done.

In Your Corner

You'll have the breadth and depth of certified, professional, human resources knowledge in your corner.


Who We Partner With

We normally partner with social profit organizations, however we also assist small-to-medium-sized businesses. Our partners normally have between five to 100 employees, and their leaders are enthusiastic to grow the organization, are open to improving the way work gets done, and want to make the lives of their clients and employees better.

Social Profit

Social Profits organizations (non-profits) are dedicated to making the world a better place, and can be under unique stresses. If there's anything we can do to make your dent in the universe bigger, we're up for the challenge if you are.


small (and powerful)

Small organizations focus on their strengths, and the human elements portfolio is sometimes overlooked as it doesn't contribute to business directly. You focus on your business and let us support you doing what you do.


You know your business and you do it well. But from time-to-time you can run into roadblocks. Let us help you with complicated interpersonal cases, such as "problem employees", workplace conflict, and leadership coaching. Gain a trusted partner in your corner, and let your organization shine.

Matt Youens founded Human Elements to provide top-quality Strategic Planning, Human Resources and Mediation support to social profits (nonprofits) and small-to-medium-sized businesses in Canada, and enjoys working with a small, powerful team in helping others be better tomorrow than they are today.

Matt is an energetic, passionate, and highly adaptable professional with close to 20 years experience in the Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, and High Tech sectors, and is a past Chair and Founder of TEDxFortMcMurray. Matt has a handful of educational papers on his office wall, and has held a CHRP/CPHR designation since 2010. He is married to an extremely supportive wife, and is fearful that one day their two cats might learn to work a can opener and cut out the middleman.

Matt Youens
Matt is among a small group of world changers who does so with grace, mindfulness and intelligence. Articulate, compelling, informed, Matt brings a broad range of qualities to any situation. He is a fantastic communicator, one of the strongest I’ve seen. He is also a strong listener, which positions him well in the facilitation and mediation field.
— R. Thomas
Matt’s commitment to doing his best, all the time, is both motivating and contagious. This guy lives and breathes for leadership and facilitation opportunities! I look forward to working again with Matt. He’s dependable, collaborative, and overall a great person.
— R. Inzunza